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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

12NEWS MPG Challenge

It's hot, humid and to be terribly honest, I am generally cranky this time of year as I melt into the asphalt desert known as Arizona. Gas prices are up, up, up and getting to the mountains is becoming costlier. To alleviate my summer-time blues, I offered to be a part of Phoenix's NBC affiliate Channel 12 News ongoing segment called the MPG Challenge. (You can see the video broadcast here.)

Call it a 5-minute reality show aired over several newscasts in the coming month, the MPG Challenge is the brainchild of veteran reporter Rick DeBruhl and challenges six contestants (including yours truly) to change our driving habits in order to get more miles to the gallon and save some moola at the gas pump. Think my Jeep Commander and I can change some habits to get more bang for the buck at the pump? Stay tuned!
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