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Friday, August 1, 2008

Brands Twitter

Wondering what all the Web 2.0 fuss is about with brands? It's called using new communication and publishing technologies to actually have a real dialogue with customers and consumers. Rather than talking AT a consumer, social media gives instant, interactive opportunities to talk WITH a consumer. Some brands do it well by creatively exploring new trails, while others follow the technology instead of the purpose and are there as the proverbial copycat.

The microblogging phenomena known as Twitter is finally gaining traction in terms of the actual brands Twittering with real-life people. From Obama's campaign to JetBlue and H&R Block, brands, media outlets and politicians are using Twitter to its advantage to gain exposure, trust and (hopefully) capitalize on the viral effect of a positive brand image. The Twitter Brand Index put out by Fluent Simplicity is a growing, master list of brands represented on Twitter by category including higher education, professional services, government, media, and entertainment among others.

Note: my thanks to Elizabeth Albrycht for the Index heads up on FriendFeed.
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