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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Viral Marketing, Brand Foundation & The Death Star

Viral marketing is all about the spreading the word and creating buzz. Aside from sounding like a possible airborne illness and the potential for some people to view it as the ultimate way to success on an ether budget, viral marketing has it's place as another channel to build a brand - right along with advertising, pr, traditional marketing, etc. depending on the brand's needs. As I told a bunch of entrepreneurs last night, don't forget, though, that you can't build a McMansion without a solid foundation - or it will crack and crumble. That foundation means getting your brand identity (positioning, name, logo, look & feel, messaging) right BEFORE diving into brand building. Need help? Email me:

And now for the lighter side of viral marketing...thank you Death Star : )

Viral Marketing at Death Star Germany

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